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-: Alana Of the Forest Tribe-: by pink-pixie-dust -: Alana Of the Forest Tribe-: by pink-pixie-dust

Name Alana

Nickname Ally (Don't call her that unless she let's you. It's only for friends~)

Age 16 in cat years


Tribe: Forest

Rank: Hunter



Strength ***
Defense *
Endurance *
Speed ******
Wit ****

I do what I want
The goods:
Alana is one of the most spunky cats you'll meet. She has energy and a spring in her step. She smiles and lashes her tail, just giving off this vibe of spunkiness.

Alana is extremely confident in what she does. She is not shy at all and doesn't need anyone to reassure her. She struts around, and loves compliments. She is a bit too proud sometimes.

As much prey as she catches, Alana has no need to hoard it all. She is very kind, in the way she has no problem giving anyone her belongings. Except her mask. Don't touch her mask, she'll kill you.

Funny/ Fun loving
Alana loves fun and loves laughing. She's pretty good at making jokes, and finds a way to come back with a cute little saying.
Alana won't let barely anyone help her, and she'll never admit she wants help. She can't stand hearing things like "Here, let me help you". She'll deny that she needs help, and acts strong.

Alana isn't shy at all. She is easy to talk to, as long as you don't piss her off. She is friendly, and will make a fool of herself to make other's laugh.

Don't underestimate her. That's THE WORST thing you can do. This little fireball is smart and quick. She thinks like lightening.

The bad's:

Easily offended/ Starts fights
Alana can take things the wrong way. She often will. If she thinks you're treating her like a baby, she'll fire back and get mad. If you say one little thing to her, she'll go off.

Holds grudges/ un-forgiving
Alana will hold a grudge like she holds her mask. She will never let you forget something you did to her, and if you're lucky, she'll at least talk to you. But she stays pissed off.

Fiery/ hot tempered/Feisty
Alana is a fireball of emotions. She has a hot temper and is very explosive. Watch what you say around her.

Alana is extremely competitive and loves games, except they might get out of hand. She's not a sore loser, but a bit of a sore winner. She'll brag about it, defiantly. She likes teasing, but sometimes she might take it too far. She's rough when it comes to winning.

Trouble maker
Alana has trouble written all over her. That smirk of hers just screams "Hey, look what I can do" She's tough alright, but even more tough when she's causing trouble.

If you are suspicious one tiny bit, Alana won't trust you. She will glare and sheer away from you. She is hostile to other cats from other tribes.

Alana is no girly-girl. She loves getting rough and running, her strong legs built for wrestling. She has no problem with mud and LOVES BUGS. No joke, She's obsessed with bugs. Honestly, Alana is more likely to hang around boys.

Hates stereotypes
Alana hates it when she is thought to be weak because she is a girl. But honestly, She hates anyone weak. She doesn't like cats who are shy or who won't stand up for themselves.
It takes a lot to change Alana's mind. She thinks what she wants, and doesn't let anyone change that.

(Open for a brother)
When Alana was born, She was born into a litter of three. She was the seconded born, having two brothers, She grew up rough housing. Her father encouraged her to be strong and independent while her mother tried to sit her down and groom her. She was constantly pouncing on her brothers and wrapping around them. She was so small, they could carry her with ease. She got her mother's genes, and skinny, witty she-cat, while her two brothers got the stockiness from their father.
Alana couldn't be tamed. She ran all over the place, giggling and darting under any cat's paws. She hated story time. She couldn't sit still!
Her brothers started training before her, which made Alana steaming with anger. She finally was put into training when she impressed her Leader, after killing a harmless garden snake to save them. Alana's mask was decorated with the feathers' of a hawk she killed.

Soon after, her one brother broke his leg by falling from a tree, so after some healing, he could finally walk.
She was out walking with her brothers, and they accidently crossed into another territory, when two cats from another tribe attacked them. Alana, who wasn't a good fighter, tried to knock them off. Their scent was dull and their masks were on. Alana fought hard, until her brother was hobbling on. He was tackled, and as he slammed into the ground, his neck was snapped on accident.
Alana was furious, crying and screaming by her brother's side, while her one remaining brother swore to kill whoever did this.
The elder's called Alana over, her paws bloody from fighting. Blood was streaming down her face, mixed with tears. She looked like she was crying blood. She shakily came over, and the elder gently took her hand. They pressed it down on her mask, making a paw print on her mask with her enemies blood. They then took some blood, smearing it down the mask's cheeks. That's how her mask was made.
Alana still mourns her brother and hates talking about him.

-Her mask
-Cute kittens
-The color red
-Strong cats
-Getting into trouble

-Anyone touching her mask.
-Anyone trying to help her
-Cats saying she's weak
-Other tribes
-Being groomed
-Anything boring
-Any boring cat
-Sitting still

When she is hunting, she ties her hair up with this green, stretchy string from a plant.
Her favorite food is hawk, yet she rarely catches it.
Her tail tip is split in half, which is great for stabbing things and picking them up.




:bulletblack: Neutral
:bulletwhite: Discomfort/fear
:bulletblue: Friends
:bulletgreen: Good friends
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletyellow: Love
:bulletred: Hate/despise
:bulletorange: Unsure

Roleplay Sample

(This is from another rp example)
Tahno's deep golden topaz eyes flicked over to a small she-cat, huddle on the ground. He flicked his tail once to single her to get up, and as she walked to his side, he touched her nose with his.
"I can get us some food." He said sweetly, like he was talking to a baby deer. "And don't worry.. I wont let anything get you." She looked at him with trust in her eyes, and she nodded slightly. A tiny smile crossed her lips, and her massive blue eyes looked at him. "Thank you Terence..." She whispered, and Tahno nodded.
As they trotted off, Tahno glanced around, his pelt brushing his sister's. Tahno led her through the rough roads, where there was nothing but skinny, angry looking cats. Some that Tahno knew, some that Tahno steered clear of. They got closer to an alley way that was home to many mice, and Tahno sniffed the air before entering. He could smell the mice, and he told his sister to stay put as he disappeared into the darkness. He crouched down, trying to be quiet. He wasn't much of a hunter though. But, he was good enough to feed the both of them.
Tahno spotted a mouse, immediately jumping on it and biting it's neck. He heard a loud bang and a squeak, which was not the mouse. He spun around, seeing his sister laying on the ground, her body laying against the brick wall with a snarling tom over her. The brown tom was trying to own his place for the alley way. Tahno's stomach turned with unimaginable rage, which he got from his father. Running, he threw the mouse down midway and hurdled himself at the tom, completely knocking him off of his sister cleanly. As Tahno landed on his feet while the tom was knocked into the street. Tahno turned around, immediately dragging his sister to her feet as she whimpered his name.
"Terence, just run." She whimpered. She was bleeding heavily from her head which set Tahno off even more. His sister's eyes widened to the size of the moon, as she opened her mouth. A screech cut her off as the tom flung himself onto Tahno's back, biting the back of his neck. Tahno snarled, rearing back, slamming the tom against the brick wall as his sister dodged them. The tom squeaked and let go, dropping to the ground. Tahno swiped his paw through the air, missing the tom. The male dodged and sprinted to the clearing, Tahno right on him. With a big leap, Tahno grabbed his tail and pulled him back, throwing the smaller, yet quicker tom on the ground. He snarled in the tom's face, gripping his shoulder's with his claws. The tom cried out in pain, his tail lashing, his feet trying to grab a hold of Tahno.
"Help! Lola!" the tom cried out. Tahno glanced around, waiting for another cat to come running at him.
"Too late, scum." Tahno hissed. "I hope this teaches you to stay away from me and my sister." He spat in his face. Tahno then felt a sharp pain as claws sliced his flank, and he let go of the tom under him. He saw a pure white she-cat snarling at him. She was small and pathetic. "Let go of Chase!" She demanded. Tahno let go of the male immediately, turning on the she-cat.
"Tell little Chase here to stay clear of me, because-" Tahno was cut off as claws swiped his face, and his back fur bristled. He lunged at the female, his paws slamming into her throat as he knocked her roughly onto the ground. She was gasping for air as Tahno leaped over to her, his claws slamming into her back as she yowled in pain. Tahno noticed more cats gathering around, enjoying the fight. Tahno bucked his back legs as the tom called Chase leaped towards Tahno's back, and Chase fell to the ground weakly, bleeding heavily. The white she-cat whimpered in pain, they were both laying down and bleeding. Tahno's paw raised to leave one last mark on the white female when he saw a flash of tan fur. He felt his sister hanging from his arm, her tail curled around her belly as her paws were reaching up, hooking around his arm. Tahno felt the adrenaline leave his veins and his heart beat calm down.
"Don't Terence" His sister whispered. Tahno let go, obeying her as if she were his mother. He leaned down and licked her bleeding head.
"Let's go home." He whispered.
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Sunkissgem Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
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pink-pixie-dust Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Yay! Awesome, that works perfectly! Maybe we could roleplay. What does his mask and pelt color look like? That's how Alana saw him.
Sunkissgem Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
I drew Lycan and his mask for you!
pink-pixie-dust Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
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